Yesterday I was trying some labs that I need to teach on a particular kind of HSM.

That HSM is manageable using a web-based console and most of the settings are clearly accessible but for some specific and important functions, you need to use some ”old-style” console commands.

It is not possible to use SSH, but it is possible to access to a Virtual Console that resembles a terminal console where you can type your commands.

So far so good, but some of these commands are really verbose and some of them require typing long passwords (100 chars or more)

So what do you do normally? CTRL-V saves you…..NOT! Not in this case.

The Virtual Console dislikes CTRL-V: it appears that everything is correct, but the input is totally ignored.

I do not know why, but I noticed that typing the characters on the keyboard is totally accepted. But can you realistically type a 100 characters long password without a single mistake? Uhmm…unlikely

So I decided to write this small tool that emulates the typing of the character from a keyboard.

You can set an initial delay, then the program selects the process window that you name and starts to type character by character (with a selectable delay) your string.

The app is nothing special of course but I was unable to find it already done on the web so I decided to write one.

It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 and it is distributed under the AGPL-3.0-or-later license.

You can download it from here:


I digitally signed the executable KeyTyperSimulator.exe contained in the archive.

KeyTyper is available on GitHub as well at this repository:

Thanks to Juan Gomez for the picture used in the program and in this article.