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PayShieldToSyslog: How to gather audit logs from payShield 10K and send them to Syslog

The aim of the payShield2Syslog project is to gather the Audit log via the host command Q2, interpreter the response of the appliance, and eventually send it to a Syslog facility. The project is still in beta, and the current version is 0.3 A binary version, digitally signed, for Widows is available as well. It requires Python 3. It […]

payShieldPPRessureTest: version 1.1.7 is out

Version 1.1.7 of payShieldPPRessureTest, the tool I wrote to stress and test your payShield HSM is out.This new version comes with some fixes: Fixed typos in comments and Removed not functional code in HEX to IP address dotted decimal notation conversion function Fixed the hex output of –randgen Simplified the printing in hex of the response obtained by the appliance Fixed the […]