I use to say that “I love backgammon more than backgammon loves me”. I play it from ever, even if not continuously.: I hade some years of break.

I was always fascinated by this game since I was very young. My first book was the Charles Goren “Modern Backgammon Complete”, translated into Italian.

Saitek Backgammon board

Saitek Backgammon

Due to the scarcity of players in Rome at that time I bought an electronic backgammon board from Saitek, and I started to play against the board CPU.

With the Internet boom, I was finally able to play online on FIBS, but due to the unfriendly textual interface, I soon migrated to the fantastic GamesGrid and another one (I do not recall its name) from GOTO Software.

Time to time I was able to play face to face but due to the lack of free time, no car and no money to buy one I spent most of the time playing online.

Unfortunately, many online platforms closed and only a few are surviving now:

1- BackgammonStudio.com For sure is the best one! It is written entirely in javascript (not Java), and it does not require the installation of any software at all! A browser is enough.
I tried it with Chrome on Mac and Windows, and it works beautifully.
You can play for free even if some features are reserved for paying users: the membership fee is sofar 2$ per month….very affordable.
There are plenty of features! Analysis, quizzes, forum…etc!!

2-GridGammon: born on the ashes of GamesGrid is the Gotha of the online backgammon servers. It’s the Freemasonry of the backgammon because the membership is by invitation only 🙂 And even if you are invited to receive the login takes time and efforts.
To be invited you need to join the EBIF: you can try to join them directly, but normally you’d join your national federation first and then join EBIF.
The client to play GridGammon is available for Windows and MacOS.

3-Tiger: If you are able to join EBIF you will be granted access to Tiger.
Tiger is an online backgammon server written in JavaScript that does not require any binary client to run. It’s not fancy as BackgammonStudio.com, and it is designed for the sole purpose to play the EBIF tournaments (more or less).

4-GammonSite: By the creator of eXtremeGammon® and XG Mobile®, GammonSite is an online backgammon server. You can try it before to subscribe; The feed currently is really affordable: 20$ per year.
You can play with other players, bots running eXtreme Gammon and take part in online tournaments as well.
The client is available for Windows only.

And the winner is…. BackgammonStudio.com for sure 🙂

No client, very reasonably priced, loads of functionalities!!

Anyway, this is my personal feeling. I have accounts on the other server as well. I wish the creator of it, Terje Pedersen, a big success and a lot of luck 🙂