Version 1.3 of payShiledPressureTest is out!

The new version brings many fixes and improvements. The most relevant one is that I modified how the TCP and SSL connection were established: in the previous versions every the connection was opened and closed every time a command was sent. In this new version, the same connection is used to send all the needed commands, and only at the end is it closed.

This small but significant change improves the throughput a lot, and so you can ”hammer” with workload your paysShield much more.

Another important change is merely architectural: I transformed all the functions that were controlling the network connection in a class.

The other changes are the following:

  • We now use the context.wrap_socket() to establish the SSL connection to avoid deprecation warnings.
  • To ease the usability of the SSL feature, no checks on the validity of the certificate chain are performed.
  • Included the full sys library to avoid errors in the executable version when the exit() method was called.
  • Now we explicitly call the sys.exit() method instead of using the built-in exit() one to avoid errors in the executable version.
  • The connection logic has been improved and transformed in a Python Class.
  • In this version, the SSL and TCP connections are not open and closed for every call, but the same connection is used to send all the commands.
  • The Docustrings have been improved.
  • The HELP (-h) output has been fixed and improved.
  • Some minor logical errors have been fixed.

You can find the source code of the tool and a signed executable version for Windows on GitHub here:

Please remember that Thales does not endorse the tool, and it’s given AS IS, under the Affero GNU License as specified on GitHub.