Finally Adobe Lightroom 4 is out. It represents a huge improvement from the previous version expecially for the most advanced users that are now able to play with tone curves divided for colour channel (RGB) and an improved noise reduction technology.

There are loads of new features as well as a better support for videos and much much more.

you can have a look here for all the news:

Adobe is still fighting some bugs. One of them is a bit nasty but they are working on it and affects the previous users of the product that after importing their catalog found that the tone curve settings they did on their pictures are gone 🙁

This but is a bit terrible but does not impact people that are starting now with LR4 or people that never adjusted the tone curve settings.

And as tradition with every version of LR there is a new book of Martin Evening out: The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers

I have the previous version of the book and I found it very interesting and useful: the author describes with simple language and in details all the tricks you need to know about the product making realistic examples of the day by day activity of a real photographer…so if you are new about LR (or you want to learn how to use it at the best) this book is definetly for you 🙂