It was a while I was not using PowerShell so I was a bit rusty but I had the need to ping a series of hosts with a regular interval for a certain time and so I decided to brush up my PowerShell knowledge.

I called the utility Pinger, and you can download, and follow his evolution, on GitHub here:

You can download a digitally signed version of it here.

If you are interested to know how to sign a PowerShell script you can have a look here.

Pinger is a simple PowerShell script that pings the specified list of hosts, at regular intervals, for the specified time.

If the time specified through the parameter Seconds is zero that the script never terminates and CTRL-C is needed to terminate it.

It is possible to specify the delay between the pings using the optional parameter Delay.

If Delay is not specified the default value is 160 seconds.

The script is given AS IS and it is under the AGPL Aferro license 3.0.

For more information about the license terms please refer to the LICENSE file distributed with the project.


.\Pinger.ps1,, -Seconds 100 -Delay 15

Happy pinging 🙂