Do you like to stress your Thales payShield more than the payShield stresses you? Then this small Python script is for you 🙂

I wrote it just to stress the appliance keeping it busy with RSA key generation and NC commands.

Initially, it was made of a bunch of scripts, one for each command and then, after studying a bit Python, I decided to unify it in a single script and implement parameter parsing of the command line.

What it does

It stresses your appliance sending continuously commands. Actually, it supports the following operations:

  • creating RSA keys 2048 or 4096 bit long using the EI command
  • monitor commands: J2, J4, J8 and JK
  • generate 8 bytes long random numbers
  • It supports UDP and TCP protocol
  • analyse and display the status code returned
  • check if the reply is congruent with the request (e.g., if I send J2 I’d receive back J3)
Why should I use it?

If you have the need to create a workload for test purposes

If you need to demonstrate on a test appliance the monitoring features of payShield Manager or payShield Monitor

Where can I find it?

The project is maintained on GitHub and you can find it here: