Today I incurred in a strange issue on my Kindle Oasis: it was no more possible to scroll down in the Store menu.

Despite the scroll functionality was working great in all the other menu, it was possible to scroll down in the Store view just a little bit. All the remaining part of the page was not accessible.

I tried to reboot the Kindle and empty the Experimental Browser cache, but this has not helped at all.

After some times chatting with the support they found the solution.

To reset and flush the Kindle Store cache on my Oasis (but it might work on the Paperwhite as well) you need to follow this procedure:

  1. Click the Store icon.
  2. Click on the Find menu (the lens icon)
  3. Type :u and press Enter

During the chat with the technician explained me another trick to perform a hard reboot of the device: press and keep pressed the power button. After a while, a menu that offers to reboot appears; ignore it and wait a bit longer always keeping the power button pressed: after a while, it will reboot.